Intertexting, founded by the accomplished freelance translators and authors Angelika Friedrich, Henry Whittlesey Schroeder and Darja Watzdorf in 2015 as Peripatetic Translation Services GmbH, has been offering exceptional translations and editing to end clients for many years.

Experience and security

  • In-house translators with up to 17 years of experience
  • Secure transmission of all files without email through encrypted internal system
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing quality
  • Quality Assurance in accordance with EN 9001
  • Services provided both to translation agencies and end clients

All German-English language services

  • Translation from German into English
  • Revision of German-English translations
  • Proofreading and editing of texts written by native and non-native speakers


  • Partner company in New York City – Peripatetic Media – for local service
  • Partner company for English->German translations – Repolusk Language Services
  • (Co-)authors of non-fiction and fiction books, articles, papers, essay and other texts (mostly in English), including recent publication of Peripatetic Alterity

Would you like to work with German-English specialists?


  • A small agency specializing in one language pair
  • Processes ensured by double-checking (EN 9001)
  • Internal encrypted system for secure file transfer
  • Affordable prices due to low overhead
  • Direct access to certified lead translator


  • Free test translations (up to 300 words)
  • Overnight deadlines can be met thanks to presence in USA (New York)
  • Management consists of German and English native speakers
  • Translation memories and term bases generated during translation and delivered to client


  • Advising on the design of efficient translation processes in company
  • Assistance with the use of neural translation
  • Lead translator can provide some in-house support for companies in New York City and Munich
  • Participation in your company’s translation and production networks

Hier ist das Fazit der Nachleserin: “eine sehr gute Übersetzung” – vielen Dank noch einmal


We have reviewed the translation and it was perfect quality. Thanks again for the timely delivery.


Ich wende mich an Sie mit einer kurzfristigen Anfrage für ein Proofreading eins geschichtswissenschaftlichen Aufsatzes. Meine Kollegin hat Sie wärmstens empfohlen.

Heinemann – Universität Wien