Intertexting GmbH specializes in translations from German to English. All translations are prepared by qualified professional translators who are native speakers of English.

Translations in all fields

  • Finance: Financial statements, IPO documentation, prospectuses, customer correspondence, tender documents, tax returns, white papers, investment plans, insurance policies, appraisals and risk analyses, meeting minutes and more
  • Law: General Terms and Conditions of Business, contracts, agreements, minutes, articles of association, process documents, appraisals, bylaws, regulations and laws
  • Academic work: Articles, papers, essays, theses, dissertations, books, textbooks
  • Marketing: Presentations, marketing material, websites, press releases, strategic marketing concepts, white papers
  • Human resources: Contracts of employment, policies, CVs, letters of motivation, certificates, job descriptions, employee information, documents
  • IT: Handbooks, manuals, IT documents, product information, contracts, websites, training material, articles, operating systems
  • Engineering: Machine and plant engineering, automotive and vehicle assembly, work safety, operating instructions, handbooks, manuals, software, catalogs
  • Other (please inquire)

Attention to detail in each of the 5 stages

Your text will be translated by a professional linguist with appropriate translation qualifications and many years of experience. In addition, the translated text is checked by another translator to ensure accuracy, consistency and a flawless result. This process and the subsequent final review at Intertexting guarantees you an accurate and precise translation of your text into the target language.

Every standard and premium translations passes through at least four stages:

  • First draft of translated prepared by translator
  • Translation is revised twice by the translator (i.e. comparison of the original with the translation), with edits made by the proofreader.
  • 1x proofreading (i.e. reading) of the target text at Intertexting
  • Adjustment of the format of the final text at Intertexting
  • (For premium orders) Internal revision by Intertexting

Only after the successful completion of these four stages is the translation delivered to you.

Professional translations at affordable prices

Since we specialize exclusively in translations from German to English and have streamlined all processes, we can offer lower prices with higher quality relative to translation agencies with several languages. You will find our reference prices above; for a specific offer, simply fill out the contact form. We provide a test translation of up to 300 words free of charge.