Peripatetic Translation Services GmbH specializes in translations from German into British and American English.

Our translators are specialists in their field and native speakers in the target language.

We handle translations in every field, particularly, but not limited to:

  • finance / business / accounting / annual reports / banking / auditing / commerce,
  • contracts / law / jurisprudence,
  • technology / engineering / industry / operating manuals,
  • marketing / promotion / brochures
  • media,
  • literature, art
  • other (please inquire).

A translator with appropriate professional qualifications and extensive experience will translate your text. A different editor then reviews the translation, checking for accuracy, consistency and errors while perfecting the English version. This approach, with independent proofreading (comparison) of translation and a final review by Peripatetic Translation Services, ensures the accurate reproduction of the original in the desired language.

Each translation passes through five stages prior to delivery:

  • Translator prepares first draft of translation
  • Translator compares the first draft with the original and makes any necessary adjustments
  • Translator proofreads the translation
  • A second translator compares and proofreads the translation
  • Peripatetic Media reviews the final text

Only after successful completion of these five stages is the translation delivered to you.


And all this comes at a price that is lower than any translation agency that provides high-quality translations – thanks to our streamlined organization and specialization in German-to-English translations. Please see our prices (LINK) or fill out the contact form for a non-binding offer. A test translation of up to 300 words will also be prepared for free.


Peripatetic Translation Services GmbH supplies your translations quickly and reliably by the agreed deadline.

Translations in multiple languages are prepared simultaneously and delivered together.