We also compare, edit and correct the work of authors and translators.


If a translation in your company has been prepared by a non-native speaker in the target language, then it must be checked against the original and proofread. This stage, which is a standard feature of the translation process, is assumed by one of our translation specialists in this field.

Here the text undergoes three stages:

  • Editor compares the first draft with the original and makes any necessary adjustments
  • Editor proofreads the translation
  • Peripatetic Translation Services reviews the final text

Only after successful completion of these three stages is the translation delivered to you.

We bill comparison services by the line from 0.45 EUR/line. Proofreading services are billed by the word (see below).


For original texts that do not require comparison, our specialist proofreaders in the field will read your text carefully and correct errors, poor phrasing and make recommendations for improvements.


Peripatetic Translation Services supplies your proofreading and comparison orders quickly and reliably by the arranged deadline.

Comparisons or proofreading in multiple languages will be prepared simultaneously and delivered together.